Whole House Surge Protection

So many data centers are planned for our county (as many as 120) I have wondered lately about power outages and subsequent power surges.

While these centers are said to have their "own" power stations, they take huge, huge amounts of electricity (a 2MW center uses as much power as 16,000 houses), and their efficiency varies from center to center. Their PUE (Power Use Effectiveness) is based on how much of their total electrical use goes to the servers.

Ideally the PUE is 1, but a good center has a PUE of 1.5 to 1.85. What will the PUEs be of the centers in our area? Who knows. But power outages and surges are common among data centers. Electrical companies can change grids from time to time to gain more power. This can cause surge disruptions.

Surges are really the presence of an over-voltage traveling through a line. A lightning strike on a power line, or data center, can cause such transient power surges. Homes can experience power surges, small ones, multiple times a day. But a large surge can be devastating to a home's electrical equipment and appliances.

May I recommend that you protect your home with a good, and I mean GOOD, whole-house surge protector? I did so in 2020. For my house I chose the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA. My electrician agreed it is the best. With it you will need a dedicated 50amp breaker. The breaker you buy should be the same brand as your electric panel box.

If you investigate the pros and cons of whole-house surge protectors the cons include that the devices can be expensive and you "may" need professional help to install it. Um, duh? A good device costs money. And always get a professional! To paraphrase Red Adair, if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.

Be smart. Get one online, and not in the electric supply store or from your electrician. Online you can get the Eaton for about $160 and the breaker $25. My electrician charged me $195 to install it.

That's cheap considering the potential electrical problems your home could have. And when you deal with electricity of course you want to do the best thing.

In the photo the red arrows point to the protector and the dedicated breaker in my panel box.

One more thing - do it now.


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