Harry Helmet Interview With Jay Markanich

By way of information, recently Harry Helmet, a gutter and roofing company, interviewed me as part of their Expert Interview Program.

This is the link if you would like to read it.  I would very much appreciate your feedback!


When a house is in the near proximity to deciduous trees, I have recommended gutter coverings for years on my home inspection reports.  It is important to consider why type of tree is near the house.  Maple trees not only have leaves in the fall but the helicopter seeds in spring.  Oak trees have leaves fall/winter and the fuzzy seeds in the spring.  Some seeds are large and round, like the Sycamore.  Gutter cleaning is at least an annual event, if not a many-times-a-year event!  Fall and spring maintenance involves gutter cleaning, unless you have gutter covers for protection.

Protecting your gutters from clogs and debris infestation is very important to the function of the gutter and the condition of the home.  Keep them in mind!  And Harry Helmet would be a good company to consider!


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