Earthquake Home Inspection Checklist

Interestingly, within an hour of the earthquake my phone began ringing!  People with questions about what to do and what to look for around their houses.

I had to admit to them that I have never done this before, but I visualized my house and checked off a verbal list for people to follow.

When the earthquake hit I was home in "my" chair.  The house shook sideways and up and down!  It was strong enough to knock books and things off the shelves in my office!  The dog ran into the room and jumped in my lap!  It really scared her.

Immediately I walked around my house to check it out.  My neighbor was in her yard and said pictures had actually fallen off their walls.

The epicenter is said to have been 3.7 miles deep and 70 miles away in Mineral, VA.  It reached 5.9 on the Richter Scale.  And I have never experienced anything like it!

One client, for whom I had done an inspection a couple of months ago, called and wants an immediate inspection on the house.


Because they are settling Friday afternoon and want to make sure it is still in good shape!  So I'll swing by late Thursday.

What will I check for (having no experience at this you understand)?

>  The grounds to see if any new openings or sink holes have developed.
Smell the gas meter to see if there is any odor.
>  The exterior skin of the house for openings or abnormalities.
>  Cracked windows.
>  Any roof abnormalities.
>  Chimney cracking or movement.
>  Damage to the AC condensers or their connections.
>  Indoor abnormalities to the walls, ceilings, floors and coverings.  Any cracking in the slab.
>  Inside the attic looking for cracking or separation of roof trusses, sheathing and structure.
>  Movement of or cracking of the fireplace, inside and out.
>  Plumbing leaks.
>  Damage to or separation of HVAC ducts in the walls and at the unit.
>  Any gas odor near the furnace and water heater.
>  Check kitchen and bath cabinetry for movement, cracking, separation from the wall.

Of course this is a visual look around.  That's the list off the top of my head.  And that's what I looked for at my house when I did my sweep.  When I arrive for my inspection other things might impress me to look at.  It depends on the house!

And my dog is still following me all over OUR house!  She is making sure daddy is right nearby in case this thing happens again!

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