Jay's Floor - 8 of 8 - Grand Finale!

It is about time I got this out.  As I have said, time is time is time.

This is the dining room, left side.

We used to have a large Persian rug under the table, but my wife likes the flooring so much we will have to find another place for it.






This is the view of the dining room, right side.

The gate is to keep the kids (meaning the dogs) out of this room.  Too much opportunity to mark the "new" space...








This views the living room, left side. Everything in the living room except for the grandfather clock is very antique. 

The his/her chairs at the end of the room are circa 1820.  Am I allowed to sit in either one?  Noooo..  I am not even allowed to look at them. This is the "her" chair.

You have brief permission to view them, but don't look for long.  I don't have written permission.

This shows some of the antique rug around which this room was designed, right down to the bubble gum wall color.



This views the living room, right side.

That is the "his" chair, although NOT mine.  You are correct, I do not use the living room for anything. 

Well, I do wind the clock every week, but must leave quickly.

This was a fun, though difficult, project.    It was made more difficult by my schedule.    That is the problem we all have, don't we?  Would I do it again? Yes!

Together we looked at the rooms again last night.  They have been transformed from comfortable spaces to very  beautiful, formal spaces.  They really pop.

I am pleased, we are pleased, with the results.  The way I figure it, the house has grown in value by, what do you think, $200, $300K?

Gotta be...

Thanks for coming along for the ride, however slow it was.

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jay | Sun, 09/05/2010 - 01:51

Thank you Debbie! That is high praise coming from a floor professional. The walls were painted and wallpapered a few years ago. And all to go with that rug. I am not a fan of the color, but as I said, I am the grunt!

Debbie Gartner (not verified) | Sat, 09/04/2010 - 21:02

The floors look beautiful. Super job. Yes, Hardwood makes such a difference.

Did you get to paint the walls? Some blues might work (hard for me to tell since it's hard to see all the colors in area rug and window treatments. But, you have red oak, so pink even classes a tad. Blue will add some relief and contrast. Blues and greens and neutrals go well w/ HW. Greens are often best, but I dont' think that will go w/ the rest of your stuff.

jay | Fri, 09/18/2009 - 01:34

This is just beautiful Jay. When can you come over to do my floors?

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