Mosby And His Host


On a recent inspection, I was talking with the client for whom I was to perform a thermal infrared inspection of his house, which has experienced a variety of leaks. 

During the conversation he asked me what odd things I have found during thermal image inspections.  

I told him that periodically I have seen a ghost in various windows and mirrors, whom I have affectionately named "Mosby" in favor of The Gray Ghost, Lt. Col. John S. Mosby of Civil War fame.  He did not know the name of the homeowner.

He informed me that the house next door was during the Civil War owned by a prominent Confederate, who's best friend, it turns out, was John Mosby.

This is the actual house, still there, albeit remodeled a bit since.  But when he was in the area Mosby often would stop by for visits, play the piano (Mosby was an avid pianist) and stay the night.

To my UTTER surprise, during the inspection, Mosby made a thermal appearance!  He was off to the side in the large basement family room.

And he brought his friend!  That's Mosby pointing the friend out!

What surprised me more was the appearance of the thermal image!

It looks like it has a crack in it.  I have often seen original Matthew Brady photos, which were originally printed on glass, that have cracks in them when the glass broke.

Could this be Mosby's way of indicating his era?  A Civil War thermal image?!

Interestingly, it almost looks like Mosby is wearing a tool belt.  I wonder if it is not his pistol holster and scabbard location on his right side and middle.  He must still carry it around for the spirit derring-do effect!

I don't know about you, but it is fun to think that I might somehow be Mosby's method of communicating today.  I'm kind of a Mosby Whisperer!

I am going to doubt this friend shows up again, but if he does, I suppose, I will have to name him too!

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