Money In The Bank

I received a nice compliment the other day.

The couple with the house where I had diagnosed some leaking with my thermal infrared camera asked me back to take a few more images.  They wanted some "after" shots to show the insurance company.  Smart.

While there the wife said, "You provide a fabulous service.  The pictures you took for us are money in the bank.  The roofer had never seen such a thing.  He could make an exact estimate.  The insurance company said the pictures were indisputable and could see exactly what needed to be fixed.  They agreed to everything.  The roofer said we got more money than we would have without the photos because the problems are more extensive than can be seen with the naked eye."

Well, I agree!

The camera has certainly been money in the bank for me.

I use the RAZ-IR Pro and bought it 6 years ago.  Twern't cheap!  It is about half the price now than it was when I bought it, selling now for around $8K.  It paid for itself inside of the first year.  Now that wasn't easy.  Such technology required a lot of instruction, training, playing with it, training, learning the computer program (not easy for me), and more training.  Not to mention marketing!

It is some parts science and some parts art.  It requires careful interpretation.  My camera, seen here, is about the size of a hamster.  And powerful technology.  That is my famous dog, Bitsy - warm eyes, cold nose.  She can also be seen on my website.

I consider it to be the best arrow in my home inspection quiver.

For a couple of years now I have been saying that in a couple of years all home inspections will come with IR as a part of the service.  I have been wrong about the timing.  New technology requires a mental paradigm shift, for both the consumer and home inspector.  But it is coming.  I remember when moisture meters first came out and nobody trusted them at first.  Few used them.  Now every home inspector necessarily has one.

My recommendation:  take advantage of good technology.  You will probably find it to be money in the bank too.

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