Jay's Floor - 2 of 8 - Padded Rooms and White Coats

The first step when installing hardwood flooring is to remove the carpeting.  Imagine my surprise when I found this underneath!  It looks like some kind of padding.  Come to think of it, that carpeting did feel kind of soft.  This stuff is really, really spongy!                                                                     

So I had a couple of ideas.

The problem with hardwood flooring is that it is so, well, HARD.  There's just no give to it.

Maybe it could be softened a little bit, like that carpeting was!  If the new floor had a little bounce to it, I think, it would be so much more comfortable.  And that pesky, um, hardness would just disappear! **

And who wouldn't like a little bounce in their step?

Look at it!  This stuff is already stapled down and ready to go!

What a nice surprise it would be for my wife to come home to hardwoods that weren't so hard!  What do you think?  That leaves me with some decisions to make. 

How about a little poll?

Should I:

1.  Go for it?

2.  Lay the flooring vertically?

3.  Lay the flooring horizontally?

4.  Surprise me...

You might be asking, "Jay, are you serious?"  Or, "Jay, vertical or horizontal to what?"  And good questions those would be!  Well, stop thinking and start feeling!  Just let the vibes flow...

How about YOU surprise ME...

Oh look, a truck just showed up and there are two very large men in white coats outside!  Just a minute, I have to get the door. 

Don't go anywhere.  I'll be right back.

**  For all you literalists, or lawyers, out there, I am being facetious about making hardwood soft and bouncy...

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