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About a month ago, while in the hospital with my wife, someone from the Washington Post called and interviewed me about a problem she was researching. She said my remarks would appear in a Washington Post article in the next few weeks.

She found my website and blog posts by putting key words into her search engine.  I popped up many times, and she reviewed me website.  She was impressed, which prompted her to call me.

I got a Google alert this morning - apparently the article appeared!


That isn't the only thing I said. I actually offered four reasons for the problem, off the top of my head.  But this is the one that impressed her the most.

Interestingly, scroll down and see my name at the bottom and click on it.   Some of my blogs appear. Very cool.  Everything is interconnected.

I might add:  dehumidification does not solve the problem, just soaks it up, but who am I? You have to discover and eliminate the source of the moisture.

That's where I come in... If the person with the problem calls me, I will let you know. That would be a cool post too.

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