The cost of a home inspection is very small compared to the value of a house.  You have been shopping for every best deal you can find, looking for the best interest rate, adding up closing costs and crunching whatever number you can.

Do NOT let your real estate agent, or another inspector (who just graduated from the local "How to Be a Home Inspector" class) or even your best friend, talk you into skimping on the home inspection!  A NACHI certified home inspector, like Jay Markanich, performs the most experienced and ethical inspection in the industry.  A NACHI inspector might cost more or less than another inspector, but at any price they perform the best inspections!

A good inspector earns his fees many times over.  If you find that Jay Markanich charges a little more than "the other guy," do yourself a favor - pay a little more for the quality inspection that you deserve...

By the way, Jay Markanich does not want the reputation of being the "cheapest" home inspector out there.  He doesn't feel that's a good place to be.  Jay Markanich would rather be "the careful, experienced, home inspector." 

The following prices are subject to change at any time:

Pre-drywall Inspections - $350 for condos and $375 for town homes and $395-$425 for single-family homes (depends on size), followed by a letter and photos identifying deficiencies.  The letter is emailed that same day.  The fee may be slightly higher depending on distance traveled and travel time.

Minimum inspection fee for a condo - $350 for one bedroom, $375 for two, increasing from there depending on distance traveled and travel time.

Minimum inspection fee for a complete home inspection - $395, increasing from there.  An additional $1 for each $1,000 in home value above $375,000.  This price can increase somewhat due to distance traveled. (For example, if the home costs $459,000, the inspection fee is $460.  This scale continues to a maximum of $675.)  ALL HOME INSPECTIONS INCLUDE THERMAL IMAGING AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

For homes above $675,000 in value, please call for a quote.  The fee can increase from the $675 depending on the size of the house, number of kitchens, distance to the location of the inspection, etc.

One-year warranty inspections are $495 for homes in value up to $625,000.  Above that home value please call for a quote.  A one-year warranty inspection includes thermal imaging which is particularly helpful in diagnosing the condition of the insulation.

Foreclosures and short sales can add anywhere from $25 to $50 to the inspection fee.

A copy of our book, Your House, Your Home, is given free at each complete home inspection.  It is not included with a single system evaluation, pre-drywall inspection or a thermal imaging inspection.  If the book is not desired with a complete home inspection, $15 can be deducted from the home inspection fee.

Post inspection phone counseling is cheerfully provided!

Radon Test - $250  (may add $25, depending on distance, or if the test is not done at the same time as a home inspection).

Thermal Imaging Inspection - $400, which includes its own report, up to 10 images.  If more images are needed a $10 fee for each will be added to the $400.  If a separate Thermal Infrared Inspection, including a report, is performed in addition to the home inspection, the additional fee is $300.  If a general thermal imaging sweep of the house is desired at the time of a home inspection, and no separate report is generated, that sweep is INCLUDED WITH THE HOME INSPECTION.  If issues are discovered the images will be included at the end of the inspection report.  This type of thermal imaging is a part of every home inspection without extra cost.

Pre-Listing Inspection - this is performed before a house goes on the market and consists of a "laundry list" - outdoors and indoors - of suggestions a homeowner might consider doing to the house before listing it for sale.  Price varies on a house to house basis, but it is less expensive as this pre-listing inspection takes less time than a pre-purchase home inspection, and the report does not include all of the state-mandated information.

Home Tuneup Energy Inspection - $300 - maybe more depending on distance traveled and size of the house.  It includes a thermal image sweep of windows and doors.

Jay is cheap at twice the price.  INSIST on Jay Markanich!

Jay performs inspections Monday through Saturday, throughout Northern Virginia, from his office in Bristow to Leesburg and Centreville, to Great Falls and Vienna and everywhere in between!