What's Inspected

Jay Markanich provides a comprehensive, personalized and computerized report to the client the same day of the inspection.  Jay does everything from pre-drywall, new construction, condos, detached homes, to multi-properties.  He has a special interest in and knowledge of historic properties.

All of Jay Markanich's inspections are performed to the best of his ability.  He wants to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of every client.  His inspections are all proudly done with strict adherence to the I-NACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  More important than that, Jay does every inspection, for every client, as he would do for himself - every one.

Jay Markanich is a Virginia Licensed Home Inspector

The pre-drywall inspection report is a letter outlining findings at the inspection.  Such an inspection typically takes about 1 hour.  If photographs help to describe any flaw, they would be included with the summary.

The final report that follows a complete home inspection typically takes about 30 minutes to generate, and is emailed to the client the same day.  If photos or thermal images aid with understanding, they are added to the report. 

And thermal imaging is done with every inspection.  Click on the Thermal Inspections tab above to understand what thermal imaging can do.  Thermal imaging often reveals totally unexpected things, important to home buyers.  Very few inspectors use thermal imaging.  Jay Markanich is one of them, and has been for 14 years.
The inspection and report includes the following: 

  • Structural Components
  • Foundation
  • Crawl Space
  • Exterior
  • Grounds
  • Roofing and related
  • Attic
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces
  • Interior
  • Basement and Crawl Spaces
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Kitchen, Bath, Utilities
  • and Built-in Appliances
     The final report cross references into our 400+ page book, Your House, Your Home, which is provided free to the client at the end of the inspection.  We are proud of it and consider it to be the most encyclopedic, yet understandable, home inspection book in the industry.  It is written for homeowners who are not knowledgeable of every aspect of home ownership, be it structure, electrical or appliances.  We like to say our book is all stuff and no fluff !

Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify.

Jay performs inspections Monday through Saturday, throughout Northern Virginia, from his office in Bristow to Leesburg and Centreville, to Great Falls and Vienna and everywhere in between!