What's Wrong With This Picture... I Mean Panel Box?


"Must See the Newly Renovated Basement!"

Dèjà veux!

This might seem similar to my previous post.  And it is.

When the heat pump in that previous post did not come on, the first thing I checked was the panel box to see if the breaker for the heat pump was turned off.

I was able to peek into the box, literally, and see that it was on.  So I knew the heat pump had electrical power.

Entering the basement I was able to see a fine new paint job. 

And this clever, nearly square, nearly level, neatly-cut hole around the panel box.

Can you see what is wrong with this hole?

No, it is not that wire.  That is the cable for the security system which is connected to the window just to the right of this photo.  It goes from the window, into that hole and then somewhere else. 

You can hardly see it.

But that isn't what I meant about what is wrong with the panel box.  Can you see it now?

It's OK, I'll wait.

Hint:  That's the original panel box, with the original stickers placed there in 1977.  So that isn't it.


I'm still waiting...


THAT'S RIGHT!  Ding, ding, ding!  The clever, nearly square, nearly level, neatly-cut hole around the panel box is a bit small.  No can openo the dooro.  (Para traducir eso - no se puede abrir la puertita, lo más sea...)  The security cable is just an extra decorator's touch.

My recommendation:  If you see or hear that a house you will be showing your clients is newly remodeled, ask a couple of questions. A good question to start would be: "Gee, was it done professionally?" and/or "Was there a permit pulled to do the work?" If not, caveat emptor!


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