Thermal Image Of My Wife's Hot Flash


This has been blown up so it is a little blurry.

During dinner my wife began having a hot flash.

"Is it a bad one?" I asked.  I wanted a thermal image.

"About middle, maybe more, yeah, kind of hot," she said.

"Don't move!"  I ran for the camera.

The warmer spots are in yellow.  The Max on the left, her hand, is 103.3 degrees Fahrenheit!

Her mouth and neck show yellow spots which are a mere 102.1. Her eyebrows, cheeks, sides of the nose (which look like nostrils but are not nostrils) and throat are cooler, an orange/red color about 101.  She is simply hot all over!

THAT is a hot flash!

She went off her hormones a few months ago.  They were making her sick.

She is in the process of having hormones created from her DNA which are said to be less dangerous and carcinogenic than the cheap bovine, equine, porcine, lupine, or whatever they are making them from, who knows.  But her personal hormones will not be ready until late August.  They don't happen overnight.

I can tell you they aren't cheap because they are created by "holistic medicine."  Insurance, of course, will not cover anything "holistic."  They consider it "experimental."  It really is not.

But her new hormones are in process.  She waits.  In the meantime, maybe I can have more fun with the camera!

So the next time a woman says she is having a hot flash, guess what - she is !

What do you think of my hot wife?

Want to see my arthritic knees?

Note:  this blog was written in 2010.

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