I hear this all the time:  "All home inspections are the same.  How much do YOU charge?"  Not only is that not true, it is not the best question to ask.  Price is not the only issue!  It isn't even the most important issue.  What should be of most importance to you is the inspector, his experience and what is learned from the inspection!
What you want from a home inspection

     Most of all you want an experienced, knowledgeable home inspector who exceeds your expectations or any previous home inspector experience.  Jay has been doing home inspections for 40 years.  You want to feel like you got more than you paid for.  You want an inspection that is not only thorough, but an educational experience.  You want an inspection that identifies the good things about the house in addition to any issues that need to be addressed.  You want an inspection report that is very comprehensive, organized topically, and easy to understand.  You want to walk away with a great inspection report and a great book.  You want an inspector who deals personally with you, relates well to your needs and who isn't there to impress you with his vast knowledge.  You want an inspector you'll feel comfortable referring to others again and again.  How often to you get these things from a home inspection? 

What you get when you call JAY MARKANICH

     You get an inspector whose stated goal is to provide a home inspection that certainly exceeds your expectations.  You get a top-to-bottom inspection which is thoroughly explained until thoroughly understood (Jay holds an advanced degree in education).  You get a computerized report which distinguishes good from bad information.  You get a report that not only evaluates the house, but offers a separate analysis of its systems and components.  You get the only report sequentially organized to correspond to his 400+ page and nationally-recognized book Your House, Your HomeYou get a home inspector who has been a certified thermographer for 15 years and does a complete thermal imaging sweep of the house at no extra charge.  A thermal camera can see things not detected by the naked eye, like leaks and insulation problems, so you get more information!  You get a knowledgeable inspector whose gentle sense of humor makes the inspection process an enjoyable experience.  You get an inspector who you'll feel free to call anytime with questions.  You get an inspector you will want to refer again and again.  You get Jay Markanich!

     So, get what you pay for!  INSIST on Jay Markanich!  While he lives in Bristow VA he services all of Northern Virginia.  And the next time you hear that all home inspections are all the same, snicker politely and offer Jay's phone number.  You should have it memorized by then ...  you'll look better if you do!

                        And Jay also does inspections in Spanish!

                     Phone:   703-330-6388         Mobile:  703-585-7560

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Jay performs inspections Monday through Saturday, throughout Northern Virginia, from his office in Bristow to Leesburg and Centreville, to Great Falls and Vienna and everywhere in between!